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Gouden Carolus Classic 75cl

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Style and Colour: Dark special beer.

Taste: Fine balance between caramel and malt aromas, combining the warmth of the wine with the freshness of the beer.

Alcohol: 8.5 % ABV

Drinking Temperature: 8 -10 ° C  

Fermentation: High fermentation. 

The Brewery: The Brewery Het Anker  is located in Mechelen, in Belgium. Founded in the 15th century.

Origin: The roots of this beer go all the way back to the Mechelsen Bruynen, the city beer brewed when the 16th-century Emperor Charles V was in power. The local brewers’ guild introduced the Groot Keizersbier – the beer of the Great Emperor. The beer’s name is a reference to the golden coins of the imperial reign.

Food: Goes wonderfully well with stews and patés.

 Awards:  World Beer Awards Gold medal 2023