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Rewards Sponsorship Program

Earn CHF 20 or more by sponsoring your friends and family and offer them CHF 20 on their first order at

Recommend BEER MY GUEST to your friends and family by offering them a CHF 20 discount on all products (minimum order amount of CHF 55).

How?  It's very simple!

1. Login to your Beermyguest account

2. Click on the "Rewards" icon on your screen at the bottom left

3. Click on the arrow "Refer a friend"

4. Choose the communication method to inform your friends (e-mail, fb or twitter)

5. Put the e-mail address of your friend and send the e-mail

And that's all!

Your friend will immediately receive a CHF 20 discount code to use on Beer My Guest (for an order of at least CHF 55).

Once your friend's order has been registered in Beer My Guest, you will automatically receive your CHF 20 discount voucher.

Beermyguest reserves the right to stop this sponsorship program at any time, but you will be informed immediately, and you will keep all your credits.