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La Trappe Blonde 75cl

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Style and Colour: Blond Trappist beer.

Taste: Slightly sweet, bitter and malty.

Alcohol: 6.5 % ABV

Drinking Temperature: 8 - 10° C  

Fermentation: La Trappe Blonde is a high fermentation beer with in-bottle re-fermentation.

The Brewery: The brewing of beer for the monks' own use began at the abbey of Notre-Dame de Koningshoeven near Tilburg, in the Netherlands. In 1933, the name'Trappist' was registered. Only beers made by monks in an abbey can be called "Trappist".

Origin: The name La Trappe comes from the French abbey of Notre-Dame de la Grande Trappe, in Normandy.

Food: Goes very well with white meats, poultry, fish and pasta.

World Beer Awards: N°1 - World Beer Cup 2016

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