Why put beers in an Advent Calendar?

Why put beers in an Advent Calendar?

Posted by Isabelle Bellet on 21st Oct 2021

The Advent calendar comes from the Christian religion.

According to a legend, in order to wait for the birth of the baby Jesus, some families put a piece of straw in the cot each day of December, thus creating a cosy bed for the arrival of the divine child.

More specifically and more recently, the Advent calendar comes from the Protestant religion in Germany. As early as the 19th century, it was a tradition in Germany to give children pious pictures every morning for the 24 or 25 days before Christmas.

Calendars for children

With our overflowing imagination, our greed and the rising secularism, the pious images were transformed into chocolate or small toys, .... but always for children!

While the children had something to wait for Christmas wisely and patiently, the adults had nothing to help them wait for this Christmas Day, synonymous with festivities and celebrations with family and friends.

The waiting time was unbearable, until someone (we don't know who, but if you recognise yourself, let us know) had the genius idea of making Advent calendars with beers for the adults.

And for adults?

You can now find many advent calendars with a small craft beer to enjoy every day until Christmas.

At Beermyguest, we offer you an Advent calendar with 24 small bottles of 100% craft beers, selected among the best and most passionate small Belgian craft breweries whose objective is to make us discover new flavours and beautiful tastings.