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Silly Scotch Barrel Aged Porto 75cl

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Style and Colour: Deep dark coloured Scotch ale, aged in Porto Barrels.

TasteThe aroma coming from the Porto barrel produces a unique yet subtle flavor.

Alcohol: 8 % ABV 

Drinking Temperature10 - 12 °C.

Fermentation: Top fermented. Aged 6 months in Porto Barrels.

The BreweryAt Brasserie de Silly artisan brewing expertise has passed from farther to son through six generations since 1850. Located in Silly, a small village 40 kilometres south-west of Brussels

Origin: First developed by Scottish soldier Jack Peyne, stationed in Silly during the First World War who went on to join the brewery afterwards. Each year brasserie de Silly takes their famous Scotch Silly brand and ages it in a different style barrel. 

Brussels Beer Challenge: Honory mention in 2013