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Mini Keg 5 L Chouffe Blond

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Receive a CHF 10 voucher for every mini keg purchased.

We'll credit your Beer my Guest account with CHF 10 when you buy a mini keg. You can spend this credit as you wish on the shop and when you wish (no time limit on the use of the credit). With the purchase of 2 mini kegs, you will receive a credit of 20 CHF. For 3 mini kegs, you'll receive CHF 30, etc....

Mini barrel of 5 liters

To use your keg without a machine, it's easy:

1. Put your keg in the fridge for at least 12 hours to keep your beer fresh. It's compact enough to store in your fridge.
2. Snap on the plastic handle to pierce the built-in CO2 cartridge.
3. Hold your glass at a 45° angle under the tap and pull the handle towards you to let the beer flow out.

After opening, it is recommended to drink the contents of your keg within 30 days. And once empty, your mini keg can join your recyclable waste.

Style and Colour: Belgian Pale Ale.

Taste: Pleasantly fruity character, spiced with coriander with a slight hoppy flavour.

Alcohol: 8 % ABV

Drinking Temperature: 4 - 6 ° C

Fermentation: High fermentation.

The Brewery: Brewery of Achouffe founded in the 70's by Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts in Wibrin - Achouffe in Belgium (Moortgat group since 2006).

Origin: According to a legend that appeared in the Belgian Ardennes, in the small village of Achouffe, it was in an old grimoire that the dwarfs discovered the secret of making this golden beer, which gave them their happiness.

Food: Excellent as an aperitif. Delicious with fish and white meat dishes.

World Beer Awards: Silver medal in 2016

8.58 CHF / L