Food and beer pairings

Food and beer pairings

Posted by Isabelle Bellet on 7th Jun 2021

Just as oenophiles select the best food and wine pairings, it is possible to do the same with beer.

Here are a few suggestions. It's up to you to create your own dishes!

For sausages, hot dogs or burgers, lager and white beers are perfect.

For grilled steaks, braised steaks or lamb chops, malty amber beers are an excellent choice because they go well with these red or pink meats. And why not try a Stout with these selected cuts?

IPA beers, on the other hand, can enhance your spicy meats or vegetables, such as merguez, and marinated poultry.

For fish and seafood, Sour, Gueuzes and white beers are a must.

Don't forget the champagne and fruity beers, as an aperitif or with your desserts.

In short, the best thing to do is to plan a range of different beers in 75cl, to share them, taste them, compare them, and find the combinations that you like best.

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