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Sûre Le Gâteau 75cl

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Style and Colour: Morello cherry beer

Taste: Well acidic and with the very present flavours of morello cherries.

Alcohol: 6 % ABV

Drinking Temperature: 4 - 6° C  

Fermentation: Acidic beer of mixed fermentation, aged in barrels with morello cherries.

The Brewery: Brasserie La Pièce founded in 2015 in Geneva by Laurent and Raphaël. Their passion is to make beers that they like and that stand out from the crowd. They prefer short circuits, in the purchase of raw materials and equipment. They use almost exclusively Geneva malt, produced in Satigny with barley grown in the canton of Geneva.

Origin:  Laurent and Raphaël love French puns. The name of this beer Sûre Le Gâteau, means on top of the cake, and "sûre" means "sour".

Food: Excellent as an aperitif.